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Welcome to the 1ERP User Guide

Thank you for choosing 1ERP, a low maintenance, future-proof, and customizable ERP software application built on the powerful low-code Rintagi Platform.

Note: links in this user guide will open within the same tab. To open the link in a new tab, please hold CTRL (Windows) or CMD (Mac) while clicking on the link.

Note on Versions

For the most relevant information, please refer to the User Guide in the Common module of your installed 1ERP. The User Guide on our website will always refer to the latest downloadable version of 1ERP and may hence be a different version than the 1ERP that you have installed.

Introduction on 1ERP

1ERP is a versatile and reliable solution that can help businesses manage their day-to-day operations with ease. With its enterprise-grade features and scalable architecture, 1ERP can be installed on a desktop and server and can run as a SaaS, serving an unlimited number of users, companies, and locations.

In addition to its robust scalability, 1ERP also supports multiple languages, currencies (including cryptocurrencies), and locales, making it ideal the ideal software for operations in regions and markets around the world. This enterprise management platform provides a basic set of tools for managing accounting and finance, billing, human resources, payroll, fixed asset, and expense reporting.

By using 1ERP, organizations can rely on a single integrated solution to manage all aspects of their business operations. This helps to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and ultimately lead to increased profitability and growth. Furthermore, 1ERP can regenerate itself in new technologies within seconds as a future-proof solution.

Robocoder shall use its best effort to warrant a bug-free latest downloadable version with bugs fixed usually within 48 hours.

Introduction on Rintagi

The Rintagi platform––the foundation on which 1ERP is built on––creates functional applications with minimal coding. As a low code generator, Rintagi empowers users to customize their applications to meet specific business requirements with business rules written in JavaScript, C#, Microsoft SQL, or by integrating with APIs. This provides users with a high degree of flexibility to adapt to their evolving business needs.

In Rintagi, one line of code creates many more lines. The result is a generated and low maintenance software with minimal bugs. Plus, thanks to Rintagi, its generated software is inherently future-proof and able to regenerate itself in new technologies within seconds, similar to 1ERP. Rintagi enables future-proofing because the platform generates applications from metadata instead of written hard code.

With its metadata-driven approach, Rintagi enables deep changes to be made to applications easily, unlike traditional software development that require extensive coding and testing. This allows businesses to remain nimble and responsive to shifting market conditions without the constrains and technical limitations of traditional development.